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It is school policy, in line with Bradford Council, the British Medical Association, NHS England and teachers’ professional association guidelines, that medicines can be administered to children in the following circumstances:

      • inhalers or epi pens - epi pens will be kept securely in the School Office. Inhalers may be kept in the classroom, by the class teacher
      • prescribed medicines where the frequency of dosage makes this necessary
      • non prescribed medication where the frequency of dosage makes this necessary (for a maximum of 5 days)


Any medicine must be brought to the office by a parent/carer. They should not be handed to staff in classrooms. For prescription medication, it must show the prescription label naming the child and dosage instructions. Non prescribed medication should be provided in a clearly labelled bag with the child's name. Dosing syringes/spoons should be provided by the parent or carer as required.


An Administration of Medicine form must be filled out by parents/carers before any medication can be given by school staff to children. Please complete the online medicine form via the google form, link below:



At the end of each school year, all medicine will sent home and new medicine authorisation forms must be completed by parents/carers at the beginning of each school year. This includes updated asthma care plans.


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