Burley And Woodhead Church of England Primary School

Burley And Woodhead Church of England Primary School

Many Parts One Body - Delivering the knowledge, skills, mindset and Christian values to thrive and take on the world.

Sandholme Drive, Burley-in-Wharfedale, West Yorkshire LS29 7RQ



The Governing Board



You can contact your Parent Govenors at parentgovernor@burleywoodhead.com

You can contact the chair of governors at enossiter@burleywoodhead.com

You can contact the clerk of governors, Fiona Parker,  at clerk@burleywoodhead.com

Name Category Appointed End date



Governance roles at other educational institutions Business interests Material relationships Meetings attended over academic year 21/22
Joanne Siddall Ex- officio head 1.9.2015 Head Child in Yr 5


Finance Ctee:


Patrick Dazlell Ex officio Foundation 17.1.2023
Mark Selby Foundation 25.1.2022 24.1.2026 Finance ctee

Denehurst Chemical Safety Ltd

Flying Duck Enterprises Ltd

Wharfedale Brewery


Finance Ctee:


Mary Brooks Foundation 9.2.2022 7.2.2026

Head teacher performance management

SEN governor

Andrew Wilkinson Staff 1.7.2020 30.6.2024 Alive and Kicking Theatre Co Ltd 6/6
Tristan Wade Parent 4.10.2019 3.10.2023

Vice Chair

Finance Ctee

Child in Yr 2 


Finance ctee:


Adam Cobb Webb Local Authority 14.6.2021 13.6.2025


Finance Lead

Pay Review

Cobbwebb Consulting


Finance Ctee:


Victoria Lister Co-opted (finance) 9.7.2020 8.7.2024 Finance ctee Daughter employed in sunset club


Finance Ctee:


Eleanor Nossitter



7.10.2021 6.10.2025


Head teacher performance managment

Pay Review

E J Nossitter Associates Ltd 6/6
Chris Tindall Co-opted (Health and Safety) 24.4.2021 23.4.2025 3/6
Alison Ward Parent 29.6.2021 28.6.2025 Pupil Premium Child  in Yr 2 6/6
Emma Woodhall Parent 29.6.2021 28.6.2025 Child in Yr 4 4/6
Linda Spinks Parent 17.2.2022 16.2.2026 Child in Year 2 and R 2/3
Previous Governors In Academic Year
Katherine Howard Parent 30.10.2017 29.10.2021 Child in Yr 5 0/2
Alastair Kirk Ex-Officio Incumbent 16.09.2022 4/6

Our governors are responsible for raising school standards by:

Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils

Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent


Our governors are drawn from different parts of the local community. 

3 Foundation Governors appointed by the Church

1 Local Authority Governor

4 governors elected by the parents 

1 Governor elected by the staff


3 Co-opted Governors.

We annually audit the skills of the governing board in order to ensure that governors have the relevant skills and
experiences to contribute to the work of the board. Collectively, our governors have a range of backgrounds
and competencies appropriate to the board’s responsibilities.  If there is a shortage in a skills area we seek to rectify this by training or by recruiting someone to the board with the necessary experience, or both.

All Governors have the same status and are eligible to vote when required.

Full Governing Body meetings are open to the public, and parents of the school are welcome to attend or view the minutes of the meetings in school.  Anyone who wishes to attend is asked to contact the school's reception or the Clerk.  Members of the public will be asked to leave when confidential issues are discussed in part two of the meeting.

Governing Body committee meetings are not open to the public, but anyone can contact the committee Chairs to learn more about the work of the committees.

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