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Global Me

Global Me

Personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is our key  priority. We believe that it is important to ensure that every young person in school feels more confident and able to live in, and contribute to, our ever changing Global World.  Our Christian values and core beliefs, which underpin everything that we do in school, make pupils and staff positive contributors to the communities where they live and have respect for the differences that exist between people.

As they journey through school, children take part in a number of events in the local community which help to develop their spirit of giving: they make and serve soup at the Methodist Church’s Lent Soup Project; they collect Christmas gifts for children in local hospitals and hospices, they fundraise for the Burley-Tereli link, and have organised bake sales to raise money for mosquito nets for War Child and Africa.  

Our curriculum and residential programme allows us to develop the children’s understanding of global issues and challenges. Activities on residentials reinforce the school messages of stretching and challenging yourself. It also provides a further context for children to learn about themselves, each other and reflect upon this aspect of their personal development

Participating in initiatives such as Bastille Day celebrations develops our pupils’ global awareness. 

You can read more about our Fair Trade journey on the Fair Trade page of our website.  We are applying to be a Fair Trade School to teach children the importance of paying a fair price to producers.  We encourage our pupils to see things from different perspectives.  


Since 2016, the School Council have invested in  deserving entrepreneurs in the third world, through a micro banking scheme called DEKI.   Through the scheme individuals  can develop and expand their businesses so they can help their families have a better life and help pay for their children to go to school.  When the businesses repay their loans, the money is reinvested into other people’s businesses. 

You can share some of our learning by clicking on the links below.  The films celebrate the Global learning that we have enjoyed in school.

Reception - https://vimeo.com/476905363/46f656d689

Year 1- https://vimeo.com/476470975/36f5d29b33

Year 2- https://vimeo.com/478813418

Year 3 - https://vimeo.com/482322534/db91aa2c34

Year 6 - https://vimeo.com/491584109

You can also read about our work in this article in the Ilkley Gazette. 



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