Burley And Woodhead Church of England Primary School

Burley And Woodhead Church of England Primary School

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Sandholme Drive, Burley-in-Wharfedale, West Yorkshire LS29 7RQ



Safe Me

Safe Me

One of our key priorities is teaching children to keep themselves safe.  This is done through the curriculum all year round.  In addition we have a special focus after Christmas on safety, which incorporates our annual safety week.

Our teaching includes:

Online Safety


Food Safety

Water Safety

Road Safety

Sex and relationships education

Stranger danger

IMPS accident prevention training

Bus Safety

Rail Safety

Red Example Button


Above is a link to our Whisper tool.

This symbol appears throughout the website.  Pupils, staff or parents can use the app to report any issues that are troubling them - with a choice of anonymity.  Reports are forwarded to the Head Teacher and the Online Safety Coordinator, Mrs Parker, who are members of the school Safeguarding Team.

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