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Mental Health and Wellbeing

"Burley & Woodhead Primary School should be very proud of the(ir) work ... in supporting the well-being of their community. ." 2023 Gold Mental Health Chartmermark report

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Our focus on pupils’ mental health, recognised in our Bradford Mental Health Gold Charter Mark, ensures that child are given the knowledge and skills they need to thrive through our needs-led school ethos with relational approaches.

All our children benefit from a wide set of diverse and relevant experiences that are planned coherently through our Burley Woodhead Me Curriculum and through the extra-curricular opportunities we offer.

Our children regularly ‘take action’ to ensure our school contributes to society. Through the vehicle of dialogic talk and drama, they enjoy discussing and debating issues and ideas, and engaging with views, beliefs and opinions that are different from their own. They champion equality of opportunity, diversity and difference and are continually developing a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

Our children create and promote opportunities to keep spiritually, physically and mentally healthy. Our ‘Many Parts - One Body biblical underpinnings and our ambitious and caring vision for every child ensures our children are growing and learning in a supportive community that provides them with the necessary tools to be resilient, confident, compassionate individuals.

We strive to ensure that parents feel informed and aware of the issues faced by our pupils, and the processes that are in place to support and educate them.  We run parent information evenings throughout the year, and seek to provide regular messages through our regular Showcase events, and through our newsletters.

We try to ensure that students and parents can quickly and easily access information on mental health and general wellbeing, and so we have  included links to some websites full of information on mental health and wellbeing, as well as some Apps with tips and strategies for adding to your wellbeing toolkit.

We’ve also collected some helpful factsheets on common mental health and wellbeing issues.

If you’d like to seek help or advice, you can use the Whisper button that can be found on our website pages, or you can contact staff:





Pastoral care in school is provided by class staff.  Children also have access to the school's learning mentor - by teacher, self or parent referral.