Burley And Woodhead Church of England Primary School

  1. Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs

At Burley and Woodhead, we are committed to the equal inclusion of all pupils in all areas of school life, as embodied by "Many Parts, One Body".

We recognise the diverse and individual needs of all of our pupils and take into account the additional support required by those children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

We provide support for pupils across the 4 areas of need, as laid out in the SEND Code of Practice 2014:
Communication and Interaction
Cognition and Learning
Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties
Sensory and/or Physical needs

Quality First Teaching (QFT)

Quality First Teaching (QFT) is the foundation for learning that takes place for all pupils in school. Teaching is appropriately differentiated using Bradford’s Best Endeavours and Matrix of Need documents for advice on provision for children with SEND. This feeds into our continuous whole school processes for assessing, planning, implementing, tracking, monitoring and reviewing pupils’ progress .

Teachers have the highest possible expectations for all pupils in their class. For pupils with SEND support or an EHCP there may be specific programmes delivered as well as specialist resources. We implement the Graduated Approach of Assess – Plan – Do – Review in line with the Code of Practice to accurately tailor provision, seeking specialist support when needed.

SLT carefully plan staffing to ensure the children with SEND have the appropriate level of adult support in class to deliver their provision. Every child’s well-being is at the centre of their curriculum with staff nurturing their development in a sensitive and discreet manner.

Our school is fully inclusive and we encourage all children to access our Sunrise and Sunset club and other recreation clubs which take place within the school day and after school.

Social, Emotional & Mental Health Needs

We have a range of services in school to support pupils with their SEMH needs. These include Nurture Groups and Pastoral Support with Miss Hughes. We have close working relationships with Educational Psychologists. We also support young people and families by working with ‘Early Help’ support service.

You can access information on the Early Help Service, by clicking on the link below:

What is Early Help | Bradford Council


The school works, wherever possible, in partnership with parents to ensure a collaborative approach to meeting pupils’ needs. If there are any complaints relating to the provision for pupils with SEND these will be dealt with in the first instance by the Head teacher (Mrs Nina Dobson). The SEND governor (Mrs Mary Brooks) or Chair of Governors (Mrs Eleanor Nossiter) may be involved if the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily.

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If you have any concerns or wish to discuss SEND at our school, please do not hesitate to contact our SENDCo:

Ms. Monique Dagia


01943 862739


The SEND governor at Burley and Woodhead Primary School is Mary Brooks who can be contacted via:


Useful links to other sources of advice:



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Occupational Therapy:

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Speech & Language Therapy:

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